Big Data & AI Success Factors

Do you know why digitalization projects fail often and do not return expected value? It is because challenges in Big Data and AI are underestimated. We can show you how to do it better.

Data Analytics and Domain Knowledge

  1. Identify data silos and understand the data quality. Data are often kept in different places and in different formats. Therefore data might be missing, duplicated or have wrong values.
  2. Check your infrastructure – it might be not ready for big data analytics and machine learning procedures. Better use special frameworks like Hadoop.
  3. Take care that your domain specialists and data analysts talk to each other.

Only few organizations have enough expertise for data engineering and data analytics. Therefore do not try to build your house all alone. It is better to do it with the real and right specialists. We are the architects of your data driven business and IIOT solution. Learn more about our proven process.

01 Basic Data Strategy

Each organization wants to finally be able to extract more values from their data. Our experts will support customer to set up the initial concepts, plan the needed resource for data-driven decisions.

03 Proof of Concept

Our experts will work with customer on the real data analysis to check if the output really valuable for business needs. If true models and algorithms are developped and evaluated. Best results are taken for final steps.

02 Business Case

Next step is the business case / problem definition. Our experts will help customer to identify the targeted use cases or problems which will bring the most value to the organization, and build up the basic system architecture

04 System Development

Integration of Insight Master platform and customized data applications. Finally our customers have a dashboard which can be used for visualizations and predictions of their data – in real time and cloud-based.

How to get started:

Book our entry package and find out the value of your data. Matching your business needs, our experts evaluate potential new applications of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and data science methods based on your existing data sets. Your data will be analyzed in four steps, starting with an initial meeting, and the business potentials gained will be condensed. In order to achieve this we work using state of the art machine learning tools and infrastructure.