Basic Company Information

The motivation to found our company was from beginning to add value by Artificial Intelligence and BIG Data to our customer projects. The new buzzword is IIOT. We developed our own Data Processing Platform to support our customers to make the most of their data. It supports Rapid Prototyping by use of Automated Data Engineering and Cloud-based Data Processing. As a result we can deliver our End-to-End Smart Solutions for IIOT Industrial Environment faster than our competitors. For Data Engineering and Visualization we use Insight Master, Analysis Model Development and Data Applications.

The company was founded in 2018 by Anett Erbach and Jerry Zhou from scratch as a start-up without any third party investments.

Anett Erbach

CEO / Founder
Business Economist


Jerry Zhou

CTO / Founder
MBA, Master Electronics/Software


Key to success – Our motivated teams

Software development is something special. It requires creative, motivated people and teams. If you try to lead them by Command & Control you will fail. Therefore we are using from beginning modern SCRUM methods and tools. We trust in our teams, in their spirit, engagement and knowledge. For sure they are all well trained and know how to work efficiently with modern software tools. Daily stand-up meetings are quite normal and a success factor for our good spirit.

International Footprint

We are an international company. Our Headquarters are located in Nürtingen/Germany. We have Development Centers in Shanghai/China and Ho-Chi-Minh/Vietnam.

What makes us proud is that our customers are international, too. Up today we delivered our smart solutions not only to Germany but also to Swiss, Netherlands and China.

Inspired by SOFTWARE, AI and BIG DATA

We have a clear picture of the future. The world and the human beings can only survive on this planet if we are able to create sustainable solutions. For sure we cannot rescue the complete world alone. But we like to contribute together with our customers to make the world a little better with our SMART SOLUTIONS based on extraordinaire Software, AI, Big Data and People.


Erbach Smart Solutions GmbH

Pfeiferstrasse 21/1
72622 Nürtingen / Deutschland

Tel.: +49 7022 9792575